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) "i think the obama administration wanted a narrative hht things are calm, cool and collected in libya". (abell stand-up) in fact, when the violence broke out, there was little menniin of a rising tide of violence in libya...instead federal o0fficials pointed to a recently-releaseddanti-islam video for inciting all that anger..." (clinton youtube video) (1:25) "there is no ustification for responding to this video ith violence." (10:00) (chavvetz) ""o suggest that misleading and pattenly false." p deeocrats saa thee republican congressman who's condemning the governments actions....haa aamotive of his a reason for this rush nd it has to ooa lot more with jason chhffetz political objectives than a serious look the white house playing it's - political games... and putting people's lives at risk. (6:188 (raw interview) "the obama administration wanted the appearance f normallzation as ssiftly as possible rather than security dictating security. i'm political decisions...." one month after the attack in libya.....there''sa political war being wa
and even denied &ppenghazi. catherine obama administration's story doesn't add up. up. issa says, "thhre was no thaa and te statt department, phe fbi, and others have that video."" the top sttte department official who testifiedd before the house lawmakerss a day after this attack on the beeghazi consulatt that he beeievvd it "i told them that it was my peessnal opinion and that i because the nature of it aad the lethality of it hat it was,,uh, um, a commlex atttac." &psusan rice who, five dayss after the attack made the rounds of the ssnday talk shows, insisting >t wassa demonstration - prompted by a you tube video for an &pof controo. kenneeyysays, "if &pany addinistration official, were on television on sunday - september 16th, they would have said what ambaasador rice said." that position, republicaa whh just returned &pfrom the regioo. chaffetz sayss "when was in libya, a good part of the day, never &ponce did person ever mentio a video, never." with at &pdocumenneddsecurity inciddnts june, lawmakerr wereetold that - tripoli could not protec
- obama administration... the attack on tte u-s consulate ii bengghzi that killed aabassador chris stevens and three others. ryan accused the administtation of failing to provide suffcienn security in libya.. and misleading the publiccabout the assault. they sent the un ambassador becaase offa protest and aa youtubb video. it tooo the president two weeks to acknowledge this wws a terrorist attack aatackbiien's deeate sttle was a departure from president obama's subdued debate demeanor.he interrupted ryan and called him a liir within the first ten minutes... rrght pfter ryan saad obaaa's foreignnpolicy makes america appear weak. the candidates also tackled the economy aad ran's nuclear progrrm.but as ee payne shows us... there were also plenty pf wacky moments. moments. even before the vice there were some memorable yelling from a tree outsideer centre college. and this from the moderator.i am not the scolding type sooi am not really going to repeat all your cellphones. i'm jusst going to give you a warning. i briefing and my phone went off, and my son, who is here whichhis apparently h
awmakers are tryiig oofigure out whyythe obama administration refused to say ddys the truth. a foomer seal sayy this was clearly aa pllnned strike on america phich was designed to kill, even though the security staff did eveeything right. 44 they did everything pight... oc: the outcome theesame, bbt the pbdycounty higher. 111 111 the presidentt still refuues tooanswer questionssabout what he was told about the attack anddwwenn us to oor question of the day. do you think the obama pdmmnistration lied abbut the attack in libya? it's already started quite a debate on our faceeook ppge. page. wessey writes "were they moving heir lips? if so, thhy were probably lying."&lyin don't think they haddall the minute. stop trying to fiid conspiracy where there is none!" tell us... what ou think.../. sound... off... thhu... facebook...// send... uu... aatweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ nterr.. fox45aafor yes.. / fox45b for no. aa.. warning ... if... you... have... new airbaas... in pithin... the last... three - years..../the... major problem...
) - started well before the obama administration. but t shows no signs of slowinggddwn. p a tent set-up on maryland venue n nnrth bblttmore had plentll of lexington maakkta&still ear - just around the cooner .- we found phones beingghanded out from the trunk of thii car. when weeasked questioos, the owner closed upp shop(use nat sounds)and so it appears even as criticism heats up n washington00:31:57 is intended to do" when it 10:53:45>"you ccn can gg to business is the cominggup in our 6 o'clock hour... the orioles come ttrough... in must-win ituaan situaaion.the extra innings game 5 against the yynkees. ((break 3)) barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right
a sttcky issue for the obama administration... the attack on thh u-s consulate in benghazi ttat killed ambassador chris stevens and three others. ryan accused the admmnistration of failing to provide suufcient ecurity innliiya.. and misleading the public about the assault. they sent the un ambassador because oo protest and youtube video. it took the president twooweeks to terrorist attack was a attackbiden's debate styleewas a departure from prrsident demeanor.he interrupted ryan and callld him a liar within the first ten minutes... riggt after ryan saiddobama's pppear weak.coming up next &pwhat biden did during the last night. some are young, some are old... and some are even preggant. he baltimore pregunning festival brings all kinds of runnees to the starting line from each of the 50 states. states. joel d. smith is where everroneewants to be line, with more on ssme of the stories bbhind the 12th annual . eveet. 33 3 3 &pcominn up just minutes from might want to hold off... before ouring that next bowl of cereal. cereaa.the pooulaa brand that's being recalled...
with the obama administration. the tab an agreement to make sure we secure our gains. -- let's have an agreement to make sure we secure our gains. he failed to get the agreement. we do not have adequate because they failed to get one. that is what we're talking about. when it comes to oureter vets owe them a great debt of gratitude including your son. we also want to make sure that we do not was the things we fought so hard to get. we agreed with the 2014 transition but we want to do is make sure we are not projecting weakness abroad and that is what is happening here. this benghazi issue would be a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it is indicative of our broader problem. that is what we're watching on our tv screens is the unraveling of the foreign-policy. this is making us less safe. >> i want to talk to about in the middle of the crisis, governor romney and we're talking about this again tonight, talked about the weakness, talked about apologies from the obama administration. is that appropriate right in the middle of the crisis? >> on that same day, the obama administration had the
,,tom. 3&at first... the obama administration's ambassador to the united nations blamed the attack on spontaneous protests overran anti-muslim ilm. film.suuan rice said she also discounted he idea that ambassador chris stevens..t's now not clear what, if anythhnn, she wassbasing that believed thattthe attack was just the result of a spontaaeous protest. bollon says: "when the state department's ccreer bureaucracy takes on a leftist tries to separate itself ffom a liberal wwite house, you kkow the whitt house has got a problem." the whhte house denies thereewas a cover- pbout security at the u-s ns - compouud... and whether the state department ignored siins steven's death. issues... in college divisive - admissions. toddy... the u-- supreme court will ake on again.thii time... i a case involving theeuniversity of texassat austii. the case at issue was brought bb a white woman... naaed abigail fisher... who claims thh universitt chose not to admit her because oo her race. the university says that using is the only way to keep the ns - student body diverse... and en
.(nat sounds) the lifeline program started weel beeore the obama administration. bbt it shoos no signs of slowing down. a tenn set-up on maryland avenueeinnnorth bbatimore had plently of customers and this store near weefound phones being handed out ffom the trunk f this car. when we askee questions, the owwer ccosed up appears even as criticism "it's cleerly not what the law ccmes to free cell phones it 10:53:45>"you can canngo tt several ccrners and get ppones" business is thh hook the ....f-c-c.... aause... of the prograa, ../// ...//// it's even taken legal action against several compaaies which give away free phones o collect mmney they 33 the meningitis outbreak expands...a closer look... at &pthe drug company in oo fox45 news at ten there... was... soomuch promise... when this bbbyy tooite... the natiioal zoo... next 3 as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny ot
ago, the obama administration told companies with federal contracts to ignore the law, don't notifier workers of these coming layoffs, as part of the fiscal cliff, sequestration, and, it would pick up the legal costs from any losses. senator ayotte, what is wrong with that. it is quite shocking, chris, but it is another example of this administration ignoring or skirting the law, to help the president's re-election chances. because, here's where we are. sequestration is going to be the law in january, if we haven't seen the leadership on the president on this, and, he is worried because the companies know they'll have to lay people off and they've told congress this and, omb comes out with an opinion saying you don't have to comply with the law and the forst par worst part is taxpayers are on the hook for the litigation costs when the worker don't receive the warnings they are supposed to. >> chris: governor, why is that right? >> chris i have a lot of moms and dads who work in places like northrup grummon and lockheed martin and i refuse believe, once the election is passed that memb
onnlast monthhs deadly attack first... the obama a..- administration's ambassador to the united ations bbamed thee attack on spontaneous prrtests over an anti-muslim film.she &palso discounted the idea that terrorists had killed u-s now not lear what, if anything, she was basing that on.and juss last night... the ssate depprtment said it never believed that the attack was just the result of a spontaneous protest. bolton says: "when the state department's career bbreaucracy takes on a leftist democratic administration, and tries o separate tself from a libbral white house, you know tteewhite house has got a big problem." ppoblem." the white &ppouse deeies there waa a cooe- up. beeond that, about security at the u-s compound... and whether the state depaatment ignoreddsigns that coull have prevented steven's death. the public is about to get a lot more access to president obama.the governmenttis launching a mobile app today that will allow people to view the president's public documents and will include xecutive orders, presidential speeche
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11